About Fortitude Bottles

rollonbottles-smallsizeFortitude has founded in 2006 with its own brand Fortitude (Bottles). At the beginning of the establishment the company has focused on "fragrance bottle and scented candle" and consider them as the central line of the organization. We have extensive experience in producing glass bottles with excellent quality, taking "pursuing the best quality" as our purpose.

Fortitude (Bottles) has founded in 2006 with the following main products: 10 ml transparent roll on bottles, bottles with glass dropper, blue glass bottles with sprayer, little glass bottles with orifice mouth and scented candle. All the products are made by German technology, for instance, the highly transparent bottles have the most stable quality; the color are absolutely white; and they have the best smooth finish. We also have high-precision and smooth plastic roll on balls (optional metal roll on balls available) and they are all lifetime warrantied with elegant packaging.

The products are ISO certified, which means we have tried our best to produce the highest quality brand with good controlling processes. The high-quality products have gained the popularity among the overseas customers especially the supply customers with high appraise. Fortitude (Bottles) has exported to countries in Europe and USA. The credibility, strength and product quality of Fortitude (Bottles) have gained the recognition in the industry.

Below are some comments of Fortitude (Bottles) from the community:

  1. Aromatherapy-Glass-Roll-On-Bottles2They are the best divided bottles that I've ever tried. All the bottle caps fit together perfectly and the press caps are in excellent workmanship.
  2. Great, the quality of the products are excellent.
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  6. The material of the bottle has a nice feeling, like it.
  7. Delicate product, very nice.
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  9. Quite easy to use, even putting the liquid into the bottles will not leak.
  10. I've tried all of them, there's no leakage, and the quality are quite good.
  11. Very nice, the packaging is careful and elegant.
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  14. Nice bottles, quality and feeling are so great!
  15. Excellent quality, thick and solid.
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