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Why Amber Bottles

Ever wonder “Why” Amber Bottles Are Used For Beer, Oils, Skin Care and More?

Many different products are stored in bottles of different shapes, sizes and colors. Have you ever asked yourself if you are buying a product that had its ingredients protected by its container? Now here’s a question you should ask yourself. Why do you think medicine syrups, beer, some skin care and essential oils are stored in dark colored bottles? Certainly it must be for a specific purpose and not just out from the fancy of some creative designer for the manufacturing company.

Amber bottles are preferred by the pharmaceutical companies and by producers of essential oils and pure plant ingredients for good reason. The first one is that it protects the product contained inside from photo damage. As we all know, the sun’s light contains UV rays that are not only harmful to our skin but can change the components of different products as well. Now we do not want to buy a product spoiled by light do we? You might say that there are other colored bottles that we could use but why do wine companies and essential oil producers prefer amber bottles?

It gives better UV protection. Amber bottles can filter out blue and ultraviolet light. The problem with blue bottle is that they allow the blue light in and this is not good for essential oils, skin care products or for wine and beer. When you protect the ingredients from the harmful rays, the products, you are extending the shelf life of the ingredients.

Why Glass? Glass is easier to recycle then plastic and more importantly, no harmful chemicals from the plastic can leach into your products. It is said that 60% of what we apply to our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. While glass may not be preferred by some, it is an eco-friendly choice that also protects you from chemicals that can be found in some plastic materials.

Amber bottles are less expensive. Amber bottles offer a more competitive price over blue and clear bottles of which offer little protection from the light that may penetrate it. In the case of Sevani products, we want our cost to go into the skin care products and not the exterior packaging, so we can offer you the best products possible.

A good product is as good as its packaging. Amber bottles can protect your natural skin care products from light damage offering you a better protected higher quality product. And the fact they are easier to recycle then plastic and do not contain harmful chemicals doesn’t hurt either!

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